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Welcome to 'Ash Spills The Ink'

Hi! hello!

I've decided to start a blog. I mean, considering the amount of free time I have at the moment has been increasing in tenfolds due to the current situation the planet is in, I thought I might as well be slightly productive. Especially because I'm severely lacking any motivation to catch up on Uni work or revise for the pointless examinations that I've got at the end of May.

Hopefully this blog will cure my boredom and maybe the small handful of you who are willing to read my random rambles will find some light entertainment, too.

I'm hoping to add more of my mediocre poetry onto the site, some random nerdy essays on some topics I'm obsessed with, some advice posts as well as hopefully having some guest writers (If I can convince my friends to help me out)

As you can see, I do have some sort of plan for where this blog is going to go, so hopefully it doesn't flop right from the get-go : )

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